My Tired Little Soul of Souls

My little soul

Traveled across time

And through the deepness

Of space

To get to you

My dear

My love

She flew tirelessly


Only to be reunited with yours

Broken heart

So cold and stiff

Don’t be angry anymore

Because my heart of hearts

Is here for you

And I won’t ever leave

I’ll never let you go

My body

Your body

Together we formed something soft

And fragile

We created a creation

That was bigger than us

It was greater than my greatest fear

And deeper than your deepest regret

I turned my back

I didn’t watch

As it was taken

I gripped the hand that was offered

One that I had wished was yours

I alone watched my castle crumble

I bore witness to the destruction of my fairytale

As it dissolved

And became one with the cold air

Time and space

Washed their hands of me

So I was left behind

My new path splayed out before me

And I followed

The pink screaming sky

Into oblivion

And forgot my dear

That you were ever there at all.


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