Letting it Take Me

I was dry

Laying on land breathing clean air

Bathing in radient light

But I got hot

I grew restless

I couldn’t take that bright sun

So I tried to take a quick dip

But I got carried away and took the plunge

Now I’m splashing helplessly

And the cold water’s stinging me

It’s covering me

And becoming me

Dragging me down

Deeper and deeper

Further and Further

Into the dark abyss

The hellacious unknown

I can’t reach the surface now

I’m continuously struggling

So I’ll give up and go down

Letting it take me

Becoming tangled in kelp

And I’ll bury my head beneath the sand

I’ll take one last look

Up at the sun I once knew

At the place where I once was

I’ll close my eyes

Let the darkness and engulf me

And let go.


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