21 Going On Greatness.

She stood nervously beneath the spot light at center stage, eagerly shifting her weight from one side to another. As the piano player began to play she took a deep breath in. Holding both hands over her heart she began to sing. Her voice seemed to pour out from the deepest parts of her soul. At times it moved slowly and smoothly like chocolate, at other times it was sharp and strong like a silvery blade. At the 2011 VMA’sAdele, who had received seven nominations for her song Rolling in the Deep, gave an unshakable performance and proved that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Adele’s album 21 takes listeners on a journey through an intense break up. Her lyrics illustrate pain and loss beautifully. Her words are not only intelligently written but are ones that all women can relate to. The initial falling out of love, followed closely by the agonizing back and forth game, ending of course in the loss of a partner. From heartbreak she created a powerful album that will not soon be forgotten.

There are of course other reasons why I chose to write about this reasonably new songstress. Adele has been quoted as saying that she loves her body and that to her, health is more important than thinness for aesthetic purposes. She is a big girl who has the ability to change entertainment’s view of beauty. This is one reason why I believe that she is an amazing role model for young girls. It is important for girls to see women in the media as strong and beautiful, but also relatable. Most starlets obsess over their image and struggle with their desire to be thin. Girls need a role model who loves and appreciates her body so that they can feel supported enough to feel the same way about their own.

Pop stars like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj use different characters and facades as mediums to express themselves. What really does this tell young listeners? That your emotional/creative self is separate from your everyday self? Perhaps that’s not what they intended to say, but there is no question that, that’s what girls are hearing.  I’m all for creative expression and I love their music but girls need someone who they can really identify with. Adele paints an understandable portrait of pain that is quite more realistic than the songs topping the charts this year. She brings back an element of humanity to today’s music that was quickly losing it’s footing.

The English singer songwriter is on her way to becoming a true American icon. At 21 Adele has become an inspiration for young women. Her lyrics express the reality of a woman’s experience in a way that is deeply poetic and powerful. Adele’s love for her body and respect for herself are admirable qualities not usually found in young Hollywood. Simply put, this girl is on her way to greatness.